Tuesday, July 9, 2013

To Desk or Not to Desk

The question of the day is: Do you have a teacher desk in your classroom or not? I have gone the past couple of years without a teacher desk but I kind of miss having the space to put things throughout the day. I never sit at my desk though. So this year I am thinking of splurging on some type of desk and hutch unit for my classroom. I am kind of excited to have a decent type of desk instead of one of the cheap metal units the district provides! What do you think? This little beauty is at Office Max. I am liking the display shelves! So, friends, desk or no desk?? Have a great day!


  1. Hey! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out on my blog.

  2. Good question...

    I personally don't have one because I do most of my school work at home! Also, when I do complete work at school, like grading, I like a clean table so I can spread all of my papers out. I use my reading table for this because it is usually clean for reading group. My classroom is also small in size, so going deskless REALLY saves space.

    That said, the desk in the picture looks quite nice! I love that it has additional storage.

    I'm new to blogging too, and am also waiting for my blog to be designed so it can look cute! It looks like I will have to wait till the beginning of August though :-( I'll check back to see your new blog!


  3. I am required to keep my teacher desk in my room. My building was just remodeled and we're all required to have identical looking furniture. On the plus side it's a nice wood finished desk. Negative side it does take up a lot of room. Especially with all the different blog posts of teacher's not having a desk.

    Check these out for inspiration.