Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mystery Walker Game

Well, a few of my Firsties are still (after almost 3 weeks) having some difficulty walking in the hall without swinging arms, jumping around on the tiles, or talking! I remembered hearing about a game called Mystery Walker. I was telling my student teacher about it and we decided it might be a good idea to use to help with our hallway behavior! The game is simple. Tell the students that you are going to secretly pick a "mystery walker" prior to leaving the classroom to walk down the hall. As you go down the hall pretend that you are watching everyone by actually focus on the student who is your "mystery walker." When you get back to the classroom either reward your "mystery walker" or tell the class that your mystery walker did not follow the rules and that person will not get the reward. DO NOT say who the mystery walker was if they did not have success! I think this is going to work great!
I read a post at Teaching Third Grade blog about a poem that goes along with this idea so I have typed it up and added some fun graphics. It is free at my TPT store.Mystery Walker Poster

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